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MsBianca305 Miami, Fl I should’ve made a T-shirt that said “DONT WORRY I HATE DONALD TRUMP TOO” and wear it everywhere I go in Paris Your favorite old lady. Canes and Miami Heat fan. fork Donald Trump. fork y’all racist forks too.
kmm1801 @LadyRedWave @Cocoa_Bean10 @RudyGiuliani To translate: I don’t I mean it’s, there has been, and could have serious, maybe other things, serious violations of laws that have not been, I hate Donald Trump. Hope I gave this some clarity. Campaign manager for Camela the Humper Harris
philosodad atlanta @LisaFromEarth @USMCLiberal Dude. I hate Donald Trump with a deep and abiding hatred. He offends my entire being every time he speaks. If I believed in Hell, I would think it was too good for Donald Trump. He's a thug and a bastard and a con and a fraud and a burning piece of crap. Know your audience. Father, code monkey, experimental mathematician and conventional musician.
IDreamOfMoony Colchester @Markgatiss Yup and I hate Donald Trump too xxxx Mummy/Forest School Leader/Bookworm. I talk a lot about Game of Thrones...
wandainferno Long Beach, CA I hate Donald Trump and want him gone. That’s it. Thank you for reading. 🌊Politically Left. Secular Humanist, creative. #impeachtrump #resist #elizabethwarren #kamalaharris
ldramjet Oregon, USA @peaceandteachin I HATE DONALD TRUMP!! Will they be performing cyber operations on American voters and using our data like before? I bet you all I own this is what they will do. Computer Forensics Analyst; B.A. in Women’s Studies; B.S. in Neuroscience CU Boulder; #wtp2020, #OneVoice1
yelloohat White ppl: damn i hate donald trump but if it’s warren and trump imma vote for him cause women shouldn’t be presidents Freddy/They/them/I hate men
Shadesod West Palm Beach, Florida @PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump Awesome wisdom! You are great for pointing all that out by numbers (made it easy to read to my husband) You are so right and I am so tired of being pissed off all the time. I CAN HONESTLY SAY I HATE DONALD TRUMP. Thanks- Go Impeachment & Prison!
BrendaScriptun2 @girlsreallyrule @heretoresisthim This is heartbreaking. I hate Donald Trump and his complicit mob.
Kenneth38318781 @SpeakerPelosi Let me be clear, I hate Donald Trump and the Unpatriotic Republicans, But I bet the house on Trump because you can't beat a Cheater that has this arsenal of Liars
Jpatton761 oregon @MSNBC I have never liked the word "hate" as it's such an ugly word, and I could never imagine actually hating anyone before. BUT, now I know that I hate Donald Trump! He is a vile, yucky human and its horrible that he is our president and has been allowed to have so much power!🙁 Animals, kids and old people love me...everyone else thinks i am kinda an asshole! 😁
regsizedkevin Here There really are no words to describe how much I hate Donald Trump and every single one of his followers. If you voted for him, you are a racist, greedy, unpatriotic, undemocratic, and exceedingly stupid forkwit. I'm a person.
Kari6766 Arkansas, USA I hate Donald Trump and I hate him more everyday. Can’t he just STFU for one day and quit destroying the world Hope springs eternal. Trump will go to jail. RN and political junkie
deepsouthd Jackson, MS @JaelynRose6 @KelvieJay And politics (I hate Donald Trump and the Mississippi Republican party). If you wanna talk you can message me or leave something in my TL timeline. Now that my #narcopath ex is gone, I've been on here a lot. T1D 46+ years. Disabled. Living in a motel. Ended 19 year whatever it was with #NARC. Old school techno nerd. Nibbling at edges of society as schedule allows.
Idealinfacts North Carolina @bubbaprog I.HATE.DONALD.TRUMP! He has no business representing the country that I love! The country that my relatives fought for with their blood, sweat, and tears while this coward grabbed women and committed real estate fraud! I don't know how much longer we have to be subjected to him! Bleeding heart American, truth-seeker, wants the best out of life for self and others. Country above party!
Toneman Portland, OR "I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for" *watches WWE* Influencer. 1mil concurrent on @twitch. Cofounder of @huskycon. PDX Rep for @wolftreebrewery.
TH74549976 @donnabrazile @shad39 Such ridiculous rubbish. I’d respect u more if u just say I HATE Donald Trump but to try and dig up lies, that’s very ungodly. You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.” Matthew 7:13
TalonKennedy11 1st thing is first I love God and his son Christ Jesus with all my whole heart and my soul above everything and everyone and that's fact 100% sorry 2nd is I hate Donald Trump with a passion 100% 1st thing Is first I love God and his son Christ Jesus 100% with all my whole heart and my whole soul 2nd I hate Donald Trump with a passion 100%
Bossysue58 Scotland @PalmerReport You know what Palmer? I hate Donald Trump as much as you do, how long have you been saying Trump is going to prison, and the orange buffoon is still here? i'm old
decelle2 Florida, USA @briantylercohen Brian, why aren't you honest enough to say, I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Your remark sounds like an immature high school student. Retired from Delta Airlines, traveled the world, play golf, piano & organ. Member of The Florida Writers Asso.
It_was_Barzini_ United States @ananavarro @RepCummings @realDonaldTrump Oh, and you lied in your tweet. It is obvious your thoughts continue to dwell only on the man you hate. You have a schtick, and it is so pathetic. I HATE DONALD TRUMP! Concerned citizen, especially about the biased press and corrupt political system. Do not tweet @ me if you can't handle good, logical and spirited debate.
RblSports RoadShow ...thing that looks bad on Trump and argumentative about every little thing that looks good. You can parade your I Hate Donald Trump More Than These Others Do Presidential Candidates. Or you can get rid of him with the next Election. But you can't do both. Sports with Attitude.....Illumine Project.....The Brandi Show.....Personals By Brandi....Freelancers Journal
_BlindGuerrilla Phoenix, AZ @CarsonPeter76 @MarciaDaughtre1 @calv_hc @mikey_moen @FLBlueBird1 @RetiredHP1691 @ccl1311 @aubrey_patten @maggieland64 @Queen66Snow @cindyweber59 @lauracosta_13 @RCdeWinter @proud2bLib I hate Donald Trump, have never followed him, and never will! Activist fighting to replace the system of white supremacy with a system of justice, soul, R&B, rap, and pop artist/producer.
RKD39 Tennessee, USA Dear Auntie, please follow me when you can. I'm a huge fan. And I hate Donald Trump. Sincerely, RKDEAN Democrat/ #Resistance. #ACLU. #FairHousing. #Healthcare is a right. Living Blue🌊 in a Red state. No lists please!
RobbinMoore Bronx, NY I am not sure that I have been clear, so in the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I would like to once again assert that I HATE DONALD TRUMP! THAT IS ALL. THANKS FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK. BronxGirl who loves her town! @cornell @ilr @sorority1908 I watch almost all television "on tape delay!"
InDogWeTrust04 @sleepykod I’m not even a bit fan of Nancy, but I HATE Donald Trump, and this is forking hilarious Just a man trying to stay humble about his 49 Twitter followers
Stanley25081631 I hate Donald Trump truth is not in him all around him the devil is his father and his mother his children are devil children that's going to go to hell you would know good you are rotten to the core have you ever told the truth in your life you will reap what you sow.
ResistanceUSMC New York, USA 🤣😂 I pray Donald Trump goes to sleep and never wakes up! * I pray Donald Trump gets Impeached! * I pray Donald Trump gets Removed! * I pray Donald Trump gets indicted! * I pray Donald Trump gets prosecuted! * I pray Donald Trump goes to prison! * I hate Donald Trump! #TheResistance✊🌊 #StrongerTogether💪#DisgracefulLikeNixonDictatorLikeHitler😡 #trumpreeksofwhitesupremacy 🤬 #impeachtheMF 🔜#removetheMF🤡
peteeriksen Palm Springs, CA @ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump I love the USA. I hate Donald Trump. And you’re a bot. Everyone should report her. sensible progressive, deadhead, huge Pete Buttigieg supporter
MyBallzerHarry @dbongino I’d respect her more if every answer she gave last night was “I hate Donald Trump” and just leave it there cause that’s the bottom line. Pro God, Pro Life, Pro America First, Pro Trump (MAGA), Pro Second Amendment
DavidRo03389232 Colorado, USA God help us all if Elizabeth Warren ever got near the White House. Socialism is not the way to go, and as much as I hate Donald Trump, I would rather see him than her. Last night she still couldn't come up with an answer to how she could legitimately pay for her Medicare For I am a 55 year old married disabled man. I love movies, music, and family. I am Independent politically, and am a big history buff...
919_falcoholic Raleigh-Durham, NC @AP_Sports @KimTongHyung What purpose does that serve for N. Korea to do that? Honestly? It's mind boggling that we still have world leaders with primitive ideals and such. I hate Donald Trump and his administration (and can't stand his fans), but I'm glad to be an American after reading this article. Sports nerd. @GoSBVikings Class of 1996. I like food and days off. Instagram: 919_falcoholic
letsberealppl2 Dallas, TX Kamala Harris to Mayor Pete: “hey Petey! I’m going to start a new club. The I hate Donald Trump club do you want to join me? I think a couple of other people are going to join! Let’s start our own club the I hate Donald Trump club. Now spit on your hand and let shake” 🤦‍♂️ Jesus is Lord, Native Texan, #Patriot, #MAGA, #Pro-Life, #KAG, #TRUMP, #Trump2020, Despise the resistance movement & MSM, NO DMs, Single & happy!
SpencerKeele Honestly stop going to Booker & Harris. They say the same thing every time Harris: "I really care about black america and woman and black woman. *Insert a sad story.* Also I hate Donald Trump." Yeah who up there doesn't?? Booker: "We need to beat Donald Trump this year." Duh! @NBA @NFL @MLB @Tennis Retweeted by @KyleKuzma Utah Jazz fan. Facebook: Blog: Podcast:
ptbray Idyllwild, Ca @FrankSowa1 Syria, Turkey and Russia!!!! I hate Donald Trump with a passion!!! 🌊 It’s taken years 2 develop our democracy, Trump & GOP destroyed in months! 🗽🇮🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸8th infantry ⚔️, 🌊 #Vote_BLUE_no_matter_who, bleeds maple syrup! 🍁
mgtymoose13 The democrat debate is nothing more than an “I hate Donald Trump more than you” and “We need to raise your taxes and fight wars that we don’t belong in because we’re the world police” everything wrong in the world is evil orange mans fault. What a damn joke US Veteran, maintaining the oath to our constitution by means of education over hostility. we the people must have less divide more unity! We are Spartacus!
KatieMinard New York, NY Klobuchar during every debate is basically "I'm Amy Klobuchar and I hate Donald Trump" YOU AIN'T SPECIAL AMY #DemocraticDebate Social @Backstage, formerly @EW, @OkCupid 🏳️‍🌈 I scream about: Female characters, Broadway, TV, Taylor Swift, the Obamas, and MORE! Always not great Bob.
MosheSchrauth Killeen, TX "Sure, I hate Donald Trump and would kill him if he stepped on this stage right now, but I can be totally fair you guys." -Cory Booker, 2019 Shut up, Spartacus. #DemocraticDebate A person. My best friend said, "You were born as a 70 year old man and you're just aging into it." Retweets do not mean endorsements. Warning: I may be rude.
BethanySophiea USA Wow the supposed Democratic debate just started and I'm already ...counting the confations and lies. Soooo far "How much do I hate Donald Trump."...whaaa whaaa...and oh my fffffing WHAAaa!!!! No DM's Straight forward and pragmatic, love and best intentions. 🙏❤ Oh and sometimes angry.#MAGA #GodBlessAmerica #BuildtheWall #WWG1WGA #walkaway #Hetoo
mariebbelieves @MattWalshBlog Sitting here wondering what they stand for, but all I hear is I HATE DONALD TRUMP AND HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED. Okay, thanks for nothing Dems 🙄
tressa_bunch @MysterySolvent I hate Donald Trump and his children with every fiber in my body. I want to see all of his family walked out if the Whitehouse in handcuffs. Wife, Mother, and Grandmother. Proud Liberal No DM please
Sandyk5251 Washington... the State. @BriansNewHeart @pops152236 @QueenCandyLeigh @RachelBissett3 @ReSista_Barb @Rhlovepolitics @RichardIrmi @rocketette @Roseymelhill @RuleChicago @RUMyHope2 @samplergal1 @sergeivote Followed and retweeted.... I hate donald trump more than yesterday.... But not as much as tomorrow. We need him out of our WH... Is there enough bleach in the world to remove the stain & stench???? #StrongerTogether #Resist #TrumpMustGo #VoteBlueNoMatterWho Frustrated American
madeline825 Boston, MA @BigLasagnaMI @alt_HUD_FHEO @joncoopertweets @RepMattGaetz @GOP Lasagna, I’m not arguing with a MAGAt. I hate Donald Trump. I have for decades. This has nothing to do with Hillary. You are most definitely just like Trump, with all of his evilness. Trump will be removed sooner than later. And then you can crawl back into your hole. Stylist. Mother of daughters. Stoic. Fiercely independent. Hater of all things Trump, yellow roses are my favorite...💙
bewicca I hate Donald Trump so forking much. He is ignorant, uncouth, illiterate and a self-serving corrupt traitor. He tapped into the racism inherent in this country. Booming 401k’s? Ask those who lost their money in the 90s and don’t have the yrs to rebuild Ex Republican. Married to a lifetime Dem. I support these 2 great organizations and
mono_momma Ellensburg, WA Ok so everytime I tweet about how much I hate Donald trump I get hella likes and when I tweet actual funny crap I get like 2 likes so I guess from now this is just a hate account dedicated to Donald trump 🥰 jk that much hate is bad for the soul ily except trump fork u bitch 🥰 I love animals and glass art
knudsen99 Grants Pass, OR @fras99 Yes! I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate Donald Trump, how many people have to get slaughtered, how many dictators do we have to give away secrets that belong here in the United States. Donald Trump is a traitor and a Putin‘s puppet ! #FBR HATE Trump! I stand with the resistors to take him down! and all his GOP bottom 👅 lickers. #FBR #TheResistance #NoWall #AmericansForImpeachment
DVande @kathygriffin What you did was wrong. This is wrong. They both have no place. The world will see how bad this is without you making it about how the world “wronged” you when you forked up. I hate Donald Trump and his supporters just as much as anyone But you should not be leading this charge. sports. dogs. whiskey. movies. culture. give it to me.
PGVNation Tinley Park, IL @ParagonPoints @realDonaldTrump Neither side should do it. If it was parody of someone shooting Trump and killing his family, I would not cool with that bullcrap. I hate Donald Trump, but I don’t want him to be assassinated or killed, same for his family. Aspiring up & coming content creator on YouTube, Twitch streamer, anime fan and Car enthusiast! Yes, I’m that guy SilentHunter50(PSN) and Sharpshoota213(XBOX)
mousekerdoodle Oklahoma, USA @DetroitSteel_ Yes it does. And the bullcrap that he spews is so vile and disgusting I do not know how we have come to this point. I hate that mother forker. With every ounce of my being all the way to my forking soul I hate Donald Trump I love all things Outlander. Mom of 6, @TobiasTribe. Pigeon. Gardener. A Chicken in the Street too!#BlueTsunami #TheResistance #Impeachtrump #bluewave🌊 NO DM'S
tlm527 Michigan @DogginTrump I also am awakened at night thinking of the children being locked in cages here in the USA. I hate Donald trump and I don't use that word lightly. Standing for Truth

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